Free Vs. Paid Hosting

We all like things that come free of charge and it is no different when it comes to web hosting. Some webmasters rather save money and use a free web host. The logic behind this reasoning is not what we will bother ourselves with as it is an answer that can only be given by the customer. We will rather look at some points you will have to take into consideration when you are contemplating if you should use a free web hosting service or a paid service. Find some coupons on this blog and get paid hosting like free paid hosting just in 1cent.

Free Hosting: Advantages and Disadvantages

With free hosting the user will not have to make any form of payment to get the service.  Normally the free hosting service will also provide the theme and design of the webpage. These are just about the only advantages in using a free host. As far as disadvantages goes, it comes with a bucket load of them! For starters, you will not be allowed a fully personalized domain. You will only be able to use something like You will not be able to have the more professionally looking Apart from this, some free hosting services will insist on placing Ads on your site. This may not really affect your site’s functionality, but it could irritate any visitors you get. Generally, you will also be limited when it comes to choices of bandwidth, disk space or the platform you would want the website to run.

Paid Hosting: Advantages and Disadvantages

A paid hosting service allows you total control over what your website should be. You can select your domain name and customise it in any way you deem fit. Bandwidth, platform and disk space is your call as most providers offer no holds barred choices on these. The only ads that will be on the site are those you have sanctioned. Of course, you will get also benefit from customer support; albeit of varying quality across hosting providers. The disadvantage of a paid hosting service is that it actually costs money. However, this is only a disadvantage if you think the benefits are not worth being paid for!

Which of them is the best?

By a most standards a paid host is the best choice. Paid hosting is crucial when you want to be taken seriously in any business you are doing. For example, how would you react when you are looking for a solution to a serious problem and the site that is selling you a solution is one that is hosted on a free server? Most individuals will feel skeptical about making a purchase. A business that won’t even pay for web hosting is not worth spending money on and will probably not survive long.

You may be lucky enough to get a webhost that wouldn’t force ads on you but they will have other things you will be under obligation to do for them, such as posting in forums, etc. While a paid host can guarantee unlimited uptime, the same cannot be said about a free host; as there are hundreds of other users on the service. Downtime is a regular occurrence with a free host.

Therefore, unless you are operating on something below a shoe string budget, a paid host is definitely the way to go.